Blessingway, Naming Day, Renewal of Vows, Funeral, Memorial Service, Rite of Passage…

Planning a special event, celebration or occasion?

Want to have it in the venue of your choice, at a time convenient to you?

But why use a Celebrant?

You’re thinking; I’m sure I could do the ceremony myself!

Well, yes you could.  You could do lots of things yourself.

But when it comes to a special occasion, you do things to make sure that it truly is special.

Also, more enjoyable, for you, as well as for your guests.

You buy a new outfit, and may enlist help in choosing and accessorising it.

You’ll get your hair done, and perhaps your nails, eyelashes, tan, and make-up.

You could hire someone to do centrepieces, bouquets and floral arrangements.

You use a photographer and videographer, and someone else to provide the music.

There’ll be a caterer, and a cake-maker.

So, if you have all these other professionals, why wouldn’t you also invest in someone to do the words?


Celebrants don’t just write scripts.

Celebrants don’t just write scripts, they act as MC, keep things structured, add depth and meaning, and ensure things run smoothly and flow properly.  They can advise and liaise.

They take the pressure off you, and they provide memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Make sure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.  It’s your day, your way, and should reflect your personality, and tell your story.

As your Celebrant, I meet with you to get to know you, discover your style, and to understand the tone and feel that you wish to convey through your special day.  Share your vision with me.  Together, we can co-create a unique, bespoke ceremony, leaving everyone who attends with beautiful memories of an emotional ceremony.

Tell me the love you hold in your heart, and I’ll put it into words.


For the personal touch, get in touch.


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