Coffee and notepad used while I write notes about the service you want

You will have contacted me, or the Funeral Director will have given me your details.  You and I will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.  If you can’t do weekdays, I can also do evening or weekend visits.  You may like to invite others to be present when we meet.   Then we meet up.

Where do we meet?

Usually by me visiting you at your home, but it can be at a café, a friend’s place, the venue, or at the Funeral Directors if preferred.  During that meeting, I will ask you what sort of tone you would like set for the ceremony, I’ll and learn about who it is for.  I will take handwritten notes and ask you questions to discover the history and personality, and get a real feel for the person or people that the ceremony is honouring.

Ceremony content.

We will talk through your choices of music and poetry, and whether you would like anyone else to speak or contribute.  You may even want to hire a singer or musician, or need someone to translate with sign-language.  I will then plan out the logistics of where I will be standing or sitting during other people’s contributions.  Of course, you may just want to keep it to me performing the whole ceremony, and that’s fine, too.

I will ask if you would like some religious content included or not, and whether you have some traditions, cultures, or customs to be woven in.  There are also ways of including other guests, if desired, having personal items on display, or just adding a personal touch.

I send you a draft copy.

After the meeting, I will go home and write up the first draft of the ceremony.  I will then send this to you for checking.  This is usually done by email, but can also be done by my popping a printed-out version through your door, or in the post to you, or I can do a second visit and we can go through it together.  You will let me know of any changes or additions to the wording that you would like.

How do we keep in touch?

In the lead-up to the date of the ceremony, you have my full support.  I don’t work a nine-to-five job, so I am available for emails, phone-calls, texts, WhatsApps, or another meet-up.  Whatever you need.  Any questions you have, or any changes you need to inform me of, I’m here for you.  If you are using an event-planner, or other professionals, I will liaise and work in harmony with them.  However, my role is to write and deliver the ceremony itself.

On the day of the ceremony.

On the day of the ceremony, I will arrive early to check on things and prepare.  I will then conduct the ceremony that you have already approved the script of, so there will be no mistakes or surprises on the day.  However, you will hear and experience it anew; as the delivery, in the venue, is always a much deeper occasion.  That, combined with music and poetry, and the love and support of family and friends surrounding you, brings a depth and meaning to the ceremony that is truly moving and indescribable.

After the ceremony.

I will also present you with a Keepsake copy of the ceremony, afterwards.  A memento of all the words that were spoken, and the memories shared.   If any important guests were unable to attend, I can also email or print and post them the ceremony script, so that they can read everything that was said, know the music and poems used, and have it to reflect back on.

How much does this cost?

Using a Celebrant instead of Clergy does not cost you a penny more.  However, you get so much more for your money.  A unique, personal ceremony that tells the story of who it is for, and has them at the centre.  A ceremony that we co-create, together.


For the personal touch, get in touch.




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