Elemental Blessings make a beautiful addition to any Ceremony, appealing to the senses and making the ceremony more visual and memorable.  Elemental Blessings are, quite literally, blessings with the elements.  Air, Fire, Water & Earth.

Air is usually represented with incense.  For thousands of years, all around the world, incense has long been used to cleanse and purify sacred places.   This element also relates to the ancestors, and can be a lovely way to recall and name absent-loved ones, and thank those who came before, if desired.  Air is also the element of communication, and signifies sound, speech, listening and music.  The incense also is used to smudge; to cleanse the space and help bring clarity of thought.  It also looks beautiful and has a mesmerising quality as the smoke spirals and drifts.  The chosen scent will add to the atmosphere and create a pleasing ambience and aroma.  However, if you prefer not to use incense, I can fan you with a special smudging fan, using only the element itself.  Air is something that cannot be seen but can be felt, just like our emotions.

Fire will be present in the form of a candle or candles.  This element represents passion, love, light, warmth, and the heart of the home.  It can also symbolise the eternal soul of loved-ones, and of love itself.  I will bring a candle that has the wick infused by the sacred flame of Avalon.  You can light your candle or candles from this main flame, feel the light and warmth on your skin, and your Ceremony will then be blessed and represented by the new burning flame. The candles will be yours as a memento of the day, and a keepsake to light on special dates and anniversaries.  The light and heat of fire is both warming and powerful, just like our emotions.

Water will be in a chalice that was made from the clay at Chalice Well in Glastonbury.  Alternatively, it can be in a glass bottle that I can mist it from in a fine spritz.  Or even bubbles being blown!  Again, water has been used in ceremonies for centuries to cleanse, bless and renew.  This element represents emotions and the opportunity in the ceremony to let them flow.  It is the time for words from the heart, and moving, personal tributes.  Water may also be passed around for guests to all take a sip or anoint themselves with, to give everyone present a real sense of connection and involvement to the ceremony and who it is for.  The element of water makes up a huge part of our beings, and is sustaining, refreshing and cleansing, just like our emotions.

Earth can be symbolised in many ways, as it is anything tangible.  Usually actual earth or ochre, rose-petals, crystals, giving of jewellery, or anything personal to those we are honouring.  It can also be represented by the sharing of food, or the giving of mementos of the Ceremony that are infused with its meaning.  This can be done with a bowl of sweets, crystals, pebbles, leaves, fresh roses, or any other small items that were blessed at the beginning, filled with intent, and given with sincerity.  This is also something that can include and connect all your guests.  The element of Earth represents grounding and stability, as well as an acknowledgement and giving of thanks for our physical bodies and our lives on this planet, and our authentic relationships with others.  Earth is real and solid and connect us to everything in our lives, just like our emotions.

The inclusion of symbols for the elements can be steeped in any religion, belief, spirituality, or none at all.  It is entirely your choice.  Elemental Blessings make a Ceremony memorable, interactive, and more than just words.  They are a wonderful aspect of any Ceremony, and will ensure that all those who attend will feel involved, and emotionally invested and connected.  The elements make up our world, our lives, and our bodies.  Why not make them part of the Ceremony?


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