As your Celebrant, my role is to work with you to co-create a ceremony that is personal to you, and reflects all of your values. I will weave together the threads of every detail you desire and work alongside you to manifest a meaningful, sincere ceremony, full of emotion.

They are all Bespoke Ceremonies, individually created and hallmarked with your personality. I offer non-religious Ceremonies, as well as Ceremonies from the different religions and backgrounds of your family heritage, cultures and customs.  I can provide altars and elemental blessings if desired. I am also happy to discuss ideas for different venues for your ceremony, if desired.

I conduct a range of different types of ceremony, and can recommend poetry, readings, music, and different aspects of the event if required. Together we can decide on your theme and create the perfect ceremony that successfully captures the tone and style that you wish to convey, with the personal touch.

If other family members or friends wish to be involved in your special event, then we can ensure that they have a part to play. All guests will feel connected to the ceremony and to those it is celebrating. You provide the ingredients and I simply measure, mix and time.

I will meet with you in person at the location of your choice. As your Celebrant, I am available to you throughout every stage of the ceremony planning. I will always send you a draft of the ceremony in advance, so that you can check it beforehand, and ensure you are completely satisfied with everything that will be said and done on the day. You are the one who is in charge of creating your bespoke and personal, unique ceremony. I am merely the frame, and my clients are the painting. I love my work, and am passionate about it. I look forward to hearing from you and creating a bespoke ceremony hallmarked with your personality.

I have found that one of the most difficult times for people planning ceremonies (whether happy or sad) is not knowing what to focus on and how to create the most fitting event. I will be there to fully support you and guide you through all stages of the planning, and will meet you in person so that we can create the ideal ceremony that is as individual and unique as you are.  We will work together to find just the right tone and theme, and convey the unique person or people we are honouring.

I live in Woodford, Essex and am a Celebrant and Ceremonialist in the surrounding areas, such as Wanstead, Hainault, Harlow, North Weald, Chingford and Enfield. I will also travel further afield, if requested. If you are looking for a Celebrant to lead a ceremony in the Essex or South East London area, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see if I can be the right person for you.

You are very welcome to find out more about me, and how I could be the perfect fit for you, by emailing me at:  or by phoning: 0778 990 5845

Let’s celebrate!


Funerals start at £215
Memorials start at £215
Ashes Ceremonies start at £60

Vow Renewals start at £215
Handfastings start at £350

Belly Blessings start at £180
Naming Days start at £200

Rites of Passage start at £180

Please get in touch to discuss your perfect ceremony.

Funerals and Memorial Services

I am able to deliver a ceremony tailored to your beliefs, preferences & wishes. Something to reflect your loved-one’s uniqueness & personality, and hallmarked with their memory. A beautiful goodbye.


Rites of Passage

Ceremonies about Coming of Age are important milestones for young people. A girl becoming a woman, a boy becoming a man. Croning Ceremonies, New Identity Celebrations, and so forth can be created.

Renewal and Exchange of Vows

Renewal or Exchanging of Vows, Commitment, Handfasting and Wedding Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, as couples wish to formally acknowledge their union, celebrate their love, refresh their bond or mark a Wedding Anniversary.

Baby Naming Days

A Naming Day is the perfect way to formally welcome your little one/s into the family, and celebrate their presence. This can also be an Adoption celebration. I can include some religion, or none.

Belly Blessings

Blessingways, or Belly Blessings, are a beautiful alternative to Baby Showers. It is all about the Mother, offering her support, care and preperation from her loved-ones. Religion can be included.


Death Cafe, Workshops and Ceremonies

Hosting a variety of other services and events through out the year including Death Cafe, Moon Lodge, Red Tents, Workshops and ceremonies.

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