Rites of passage

Rites of Passage Ceremonies are returning to our society. These include Coming of Age Ceremonies, where a young person formally marks their first steps onto the path of adulthood.

Throughout history, it was traditional to have a ceremony for the move from child to adult. In religions, it is usual to have a special ceremony for thirteen-year-olds, such as a Confirmation, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Nowadays, our young people are seeking to mark their debut as a young adult by wanting a special Birthday Event, or School Leaving Do or Prom.

By holding a ceremony to acknowledge their Rite of Passage, you are welcoming them into the next stage of their life in a positive and celebratory way. These can include recognising the young person’s particular interests, skills and strengths, hearing stories and words of wisdom from family and close friends, and marking the change formally with a special ceremony, either in private, with just parents and close family, or including all those present.

Other Rites of Passage include Croning Ceremonies, changes to Title or Status, Retirement, and any other significant points in life to be marked and celebrated.

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Other ceremonies

Other Ceremonies can be for all sorts of things. Marking the Change of the Season, Tie Cutting Ceremonies, Moon Lodges, Red Tents, Vision Board and Dream Planning, Life Mapping, Labyrinth Walking, Prayer Ceremonies, Healing & Cleansing, Guided Meditation. The only limit is your imagination!

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For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.
~ John Connolly ~

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