A Naming Day is a bespoke ceremony customised to formally name and welcome your new child into the family and into the world.

Unlike a Christening or Baptism, this ceremony can again be created to match your own beliefs and philosophies, and blend family traditions, heritage, and cultures.  There can be any religion, spirituality, or none; it is entirely up to you.  Elemental blessings make a lovely touch, or you may prefer a simple anointing with rose oil.  Chosen Guideparents or Guardians can be properly acknowledged and then make their own personal pledges to the child.  Unlike Godparents, you can have as many Guideparents or Guardians as you like!  Other family members can also make promises to their young relative, if they wish to.

The venue can be anywhere of your choosing, and a place where your child feels relaxed and happy.  It is their day, after all!  Some parents like to plant a tree or rosebush to commemorate the day, or even name a star.  Others like to include their guests in creating a time capsule for the current year, that the child can open when they are much older.

A beautiful part of the Naming Day ceremony that I recommend including is to have each guest write out a note to the child, to be read on their eighteenth birthday.  They can contain words of love, advice, quotes, family recipes or even just a cheerful greeting or joke.

When the child comes of age, it is incredibly moving and sometimes poignant for them and their parents to open and read these messages together.  Something from this Naming Day day to carry forward into the future, and symbolic of the fact that this precious child will one day be an adult.

This ceremony is suitable for both babies and children, and can also be adapted to an Adoption Celebration.

Prices start at £200

I can’t look at your name without an abundance of sentiment attached to each letter. Your name has become sacred.
~ Coco J. Ginger ~

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