At a Moon Lodge or Red Tent, women come together to meet in circle and support in a safe space.  These events are ‘come as you are’ meaning that you don’t have to be ‘fine’.  You can be tired, upset, frustrated, emotional, buoyant, perky, grateful, and anything in between.  You just be yourself.  Some women are in the mood to dress up, and others are in the mood to wear a onesie.  Again, anything goes; the only criteria is your own comfort.  There are usually drinks and snacks on hand, too.

The moon and moonlightWhatever is said during circle remains kept in confidence.   Women each have the opportunity to speak and share how they are and what is going on with them, although they may simply wish to be present and not contribute.  It is your time, and your space.

The reason it is called a Moon Lodge is because the moon has a twenty-eight day cycle, and so do many women.  We wax and wane each month.  It is also referred to as a Red Tent because of the red thread of life which connects us all; the sacred flow.

There are also Menarche Ceremonies, to mark girls becoming young women, and Croning Ceremonies, to mark women transitioning from midwoman to wise woman.

These Lodge and Tent events are for women only (and by that, we mean anyone who identifies as a woman).  There are White Lodges that are just for men.  Adolescents and older girls are welcome, but these gatherings are not suitable for children, due to women wanting the freedom to discuss things without watching their words.  If you have a very young baby, though, then by all means bring them if you wish to.  If you are interested in hosting a Lodge or Tent, or want to know more, please get in touch with me, and I will happily advise or facilitate as needed.

Lodges and Tents often tend to have different themes or topics each time, and meet up once a month.  Those attending will take it in turns to offer to facilitate the evening, coming up with creative activities or topics for discussion.  However, sometimes it is purely a case of talking together and seeing how it goes on the night, and what is felt to be needed.

Making time for yourself, attending to yourself, and assessing what you need and how you are, alongside other like-minded women, has huge benefits.  Talking with other women, and being heard, is a powerful resource.  Rest and recharge in a safe, supportive circle of sisterhood.

‘I’m restless.  Things are calling me away.  My hair is being pulled by the stars again.’

~ Anais Nin ~


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