A Handfasting is a ceremony of commitment between a couple, and a celebration of their shared relationship.  It is like a wedding but not legally binding, although some couples choose to make it a marriage ceremony by attending the registry office for the paperwork, and then marking, blessing, and celebrating their official union with Handfasting.

The ceremony can be in the venue of your choice.  A place that has special significance for you as a couple, just somewhere you both love, or even in the comfort of your own home.  It can be as big or as small an event as you like.

At any Handfasting, vows are exchanged, and often rings, too!  This is where we get the term ‘tying the knot’ as the couple’s hands are symbolically bound together during the ceremony.  It is also related to the expressions to ask for and to give your hand in marriage.  Some couples use the family tartan, others create their own plaited cord, and some use materials from clothing of their own or a loved-one’s.  Small talismans and charms can be attached.  Other couples use a wide ribbon that all their guests have signed.  Or you can have just a small coloured ribbon, if you prefer to keep things simple. There can also be the hoop and wand ritual, or, for same-sex couples, two hoops or two wands.  If you have a blended family, then a Sand Ceremony is a lovely way to include them and symbolise cementing the family members together.

This Handfasting ceremony can include elemental blessings if desired, jumping the broom, sharing mead and sourdough bread with your guests, or anything you fancy!  The entire ceremony is always co-created with the happy couple, to ensure it is unique, and highly personal to them.  Guests can also participate in the blessing of the couple with a ring-warming ceremony beforehand, and in other various ways that will leave you with keepsakes to treasure.

Whether you push the boat out or prefer no frills, the Handfasting will be a celebration of your love and the promises you make to each other, stamped with your personalities and style.  A deeply moving, sacred occasion that will bestow you with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Prices start from £350


Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows is a beautiful way to mark a special anniversary, reaffirm your wedding vows, refresh a bond, start a new chapter together, or simply celebrate your relationship.  Vow Renewal can include your original wedding vows, you can write new ones, or have both! Sometimes an eternity ring is given, other times, couples use their same wedding bands that are cleansed and blessed at the start of the ceremony.  You might even prefer to exchange other gifts or get matching tattoos; whatever feels right for you and reflects you as a couple.

Your Vow Renewal can be done at any venue or location.  It can be somewhere meaningful to the pair of you, or just a place you both really like.  You may even want to have it in your own home or garden.  Renewing your Vows is a wonderful way to add to and commemorate an anniversary party, milestone or occasion, and can be anything from a simple private ceremony to a family celebration.

Some couples like to include family members in their Vow Renewal, such as children and grandchildren in the ceremony, as a testament to their enduring love and growing family.  Others choose special friends who have supported them over the years to share memories and give a testimony on their relationship.  You may like to ask guests to give readings or poetry that you or they have selected.

So, can any couple Renew their Vows? Yes. Perhaps you married on a budget, or it was a rushed affair.  You may now want to have the ceremony and celebration that was previously denied you.  Maybe you’ve not been married for all that long, and wonder if you can renew your vows yet, or you’ve already renewed them once before. Can you do it so soon?  Can you do it again?  Yes of course you can!  Whether there’s a significant reason, or it’s just because, a Renewal of Vows is always special and beautiful.   

However you envisage this Vow Renewal ceremony of deepening commitment and love, it will be your day, your way.  It’s always the right time to say: “I still do!”

Prices start from £215

Chains do not hold a couple together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.
~ Simone Signoret ~

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