A Funeral is a ceremony to capture the very essence of the person, and tell the story of the life that has been lived.  It should reflect their personality, relationships, likes and loves.  I will centre the Funeral around your loved-one, and ensure that it is as unique as they were.  I will meet with you at your home, or a location of your choice, at a convenient time, to discuss the ceremony, discover what content you want, and to hear all about your loved-one.

Once the ceremony draft has been scripted, I will send it to you, so that you can check every word that will be said and ensure the ceremony is perfect, before the day.  If you would like help or suggestions about music, poetry, and other inclusions, I am able to advise if needed.  We can also discuss other options and choices. I can include any religion or none, it is entirely your choice.

A Funeral Ceremony can be held anywhere; a chapel, a hired venue such as a pub or hall, a care home, or your own residence, for instance.  Wherever and whatever you wish.  A Celebrant receives the same fee as Clergy from the Funeral Director, so it won’t cost you a penny more, but you will get so much more for your money.  Simply pass my details to your Funeral Director and inform them that you would like me to conduct the ceremony, or contact me first and I can help you make the arrangements.

I will be there to support, assist and guide you through from start to finish as you plan the perfect send-off.  A Funeral is so important, because it is the last thing you can do for the person.  Make sure you give them a beautiful and personal Goodbye.

Memorial services

A Memorial Service can be held any time after the person has died. Sometimes, family members or close friends were unable to attend the funeral. When there is a time they can all be together to collectively remember their loved-one, a Memorial Service is comforting and inclusive.

Memorial Services are also held on special dates or anniversaries, and can be in any location. They can also be less formal than Funerals, and you may wish them to be more family-friendly and relaxed for your guests. If some time has passed since the bereavement occurred, it can be easier to share stories and memories of your loved-one, and you may feel better able to make choices for the ceremony, and take in all that’s being said during the service. It’s all about those treasured memories.

Funeral Prices start at £215

Scattering of ashes

Ashes Interment or Scattering of Ashes ceremonies can happen any time after the funeral, and often include a summary of what was said at the Funeral, along with a poem and shared memories from loved-ones.

The ceremony will be dignified, meaningful, and comforting. Depending on the location, sometimes permission needs to be obtained beforehand, which I can help you with.

These ceremonies are free of charge if I conducted the funeral. Otherwise prices start from £60 

It is not the length of life, but the depth of life.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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