I keep the cost of my services to the minimum that allows me to deliver you a unique, personally written, service.

  • Funerals start at £215
  • Memorials start at £215
  • Ashes Ceremonies start at £60
  • Vow Renewals start at £215
  • Handfastings start at £350
  • Belly Blessings start at £180
  • Naming Days start at £200
  • Rites of Passage start at £180

If you are working with a funeral director and want to use me as your celebrant, you can tell them that you want to use me. You can then pay me direct, or they can include the cost in their fee, and they will pass my fee onto me.

All services that I complete are subject to Terms and Conditions, you can click here and download a copy of my standard Terms and Conditions.

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