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Most people rarely have to arrange ceremonies or services, so I always welcome people to ask me about things they don’t understand or would like clarified. Here are some of the common questions, click on the + sign to read the answer to the question. If you have other questions about a ceremony you are planning, please drop me an email.

What is a celebrant

A Celebrant is a qualified ceremonialist who is able to plan, write and deliver a ceremony. If you don’t need your ceremony to be performed by clergy (a vicar or minister, for instance) then the celebrant is the professional person you use instead. Your Celebrant works alongside you to co-create every aspect of the ceremony, so that it is exactly as you wish it to be. You can have some religious or spiritual content, or none; it is entirely your choice. Your Celebrant will also meet with you at your home, or at a venue of your choice, to discuss everything in person.

Are you qualified?

Yes, I have a Level 3 Diploma in Celebrancy, (the highest level accredited national qualification in Celebrancy). I am fully insured. I have a 2:1 Honours Degree in Religious Studies, and I am a dedicated Priestess of the Goddess through Glastonbury Goddess Temple, having trained with them for two years. I am also a member of the IoCF (Institute of Civil Funerals) which means I am regularly assessed on ceremony creation and delivery, and undertake continuing professional development. I have trained in a variety of beliefs, because I want to offer a wide and varied range of services. I welcome all faiths, cultures and customs.

Can we meet you in person? Will you come to see us?

Yes, of course! I will come and visit you in your home, or at a location of your choice, to hear all about you and who your ceremony is for, face-to-face. This meet-up can be as long or as short as you like. It can also be at the time of your choosing. If you prefer an evening or weekend visit, that’s fine. I will work around you.

Do you only do eclectic ceremonies?

I have trained in a variety of beliefs, because I want to offer a wide and varied range of services. I welcome all faiths, cultures and customs. I can also conduct a traditional ceremony if that is what you want.

What made you become a Celebrant?

All my skills and hobbies dovetailed into this role, which I absolutely love. I love writing, I love looking after people and listening to them, and I love creating and delivering ceremonies. I know how incredibly important and meaningful it is to have your ceremony exactly the way you want it to be, as well as it being personal, unique, and tailored just for you. These special events make memories to last a lifetime, so they need to be just right.

What are your fees?

For a Funeral, my fees are exactly the same as Clergy. It is usually included in the funeral costs from your Funeral Director, and the Funeral Director pays me. For other events, I am priced competitively. So, you get a lot more for your money, as the ceremony is bespoke: written and tailored to you! Contact me for a quote. 0778 990 5845 rachel.bass@live.co.uk

Are you affiliated with certain Funeral Directors or specific Crematoriums?

No. Celebrants are self-employed, and any Celebrant can conduct any ceremony with any Funeral Directors or at any location. If you specify to a Funeral Director that you are requesting a particular Celebrant, they should contact that Celebrant before securing the funeral booking slot, to ensure that the Celebrant is available to take the service. If a Funeral Director tells you that they already have a Celebrant they use, or you have met with one but feel they weren’t the right fit, you are within your rights to ask for the Celebrant of your choice.

Can we have religions content, or no religion at all?

Yes! You can have whatever you would like, it is your ceremony to create. I am happy to include religious or spiritual content, or no religion at all. It is all about you and your preferences, and not about me. With some ceremonies, families often wish to acknowledge more than one faith. For instance, at a child’s naming day when they are from more than one heritage. It is lovely to weave in different cultures and customs from their background, families and ancestors. The ceremonies are as unique as the people they are for.

Are you an event planner?

No. The Celebrant is only responsible for the actual ceremony content. However, if requested, I am happy to recommend local caterers, florists, henna artists, photographers and other professionals. If you are having a spiritual ceremony and require an altar and/or elemental blessings, I will provide all the tools and equipment for those, as I have my own.

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