If your wedding celebration date has had to be postponed, due to the lockdown and social distancing, you may still wish to mark the original date in some way.  This can be with an online event with family and friends.  Or you can keep it small and intimate, with just a few key people joining you by video, or just between the two of you.  You can also record it and share it with others, afterwards.  Or play it at the big event on the new date.  Having to move a special date is a big deal, and my heart goes out to you all.  For you to acknowledge the first chosen day will make you feel comforted, and still keep it a significant date for you both.



If you already have your rings, you could propose to each other again and make promises for the new date: “Will you marry me on the 10th October?”  “I still promise to marry you!”


You could bless your rings.  Hold them and make promises over them.  And let’s not forget to share a dance.


You could name a star, plant a rosebush or some seeds, or simply toast your relationship, and celebrate the fact that you have found each other.


Another idea is to use a padlock.  What better symbol for a lockdown?  A nice traditional one would work, but so would a little one used for luggage or diaries.  If there’s time, you could even order a personalised engraved one.  You can place your rings directly onto the padlock and then do something special with the key.  This could even be symbolically included into your future date, when they are released, or on the day that lockdown ends.

Or if you prefer, you can place the rings in a box and wrap a chain around it, securing the chain with a padlock.  After your wedding celebration, you can then take the padlock and leave it in a discreet and responsible location: Your lovelock could be in your garden, used in  your home, or taken and left on honeymoon.



Love letters written on your original date are also a timeless and romantic gesture, and provide a keepsake and even heirloom.  They can then be opened on the morning of your wedding, or together on the night (or morning after) the celebration.  You could even leave them until your first anniversary, as the traditional gift for that is paper!


The love letters can be placed into a special keepsake box, along with other items.  You can include a bottle of champagne, red wine, gin, or whatever your favourite tipple is.   Or the love letters can be rolled and placed into an empty bottle, either one left over from something you shared, or a pretty one bought online.  The ‘message in a bottle’ can then go into the box, ready to be smashed when the time comes.  Some couples like to include photos of when they first met, or of their first home, and mementos of past times together.  Or there’s personalised M&M’s, or something planned ahead of time, such as tickets to an event, or a trip away.  If you can’t get tickets, you can write an IOU.  You could also add a CD of songs, a poem, or surprise presents for each other.  Anything goes!

These are just some ideas to consider.  Do get in touch if you’d like me to facilitate your online ceremony with you.  I can also provide some personal script writing for you to use, even if you don’t require my online presence at the time!


For the personal touch, get in touch.




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