How I can work with you during this time.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused difficulties to many, and is likely to continue to affect plans and events for the coming weeks. Here’s how we can work around this.

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  1. I am currently still offering home (face-to-face) visits provided we are all symptom-free.   We will not shake hands, and I have hand sanitiser to use on arrival.  However, if you would prefer me to gather information over the telephone, by video call, and/or email, then that has always been a service I offer clients.  Just let me know what you’re comfortable with.
  2. Regarding Funeral services, we can liaise with the Funeral Directors and Crematorium or Chapel staff, to see whether we can hold the ceremony.  If it is not possible at the time, I offer a Memorial Service for the future, at a time and place convenient to you, once we are safely able to gather together.
  3. For those who cannot attend a ceremony that is still going ahead, for whatever reason, I have always given my clients the possibility of having the full ceremony script emailed or posted to anyone who can’t be there in person.  Everything can be read through, as the full wording is available.  In the ceremony, we can also acknowledge those who cannot be with us, but who are sending their love and support, and are here in spirit.
  4. If the majority of people cannot attend on the day of the service, we can do other things to connect at the time.  Some venues have the option of live streaming the ceremony via a weblink.  Or they may be allowed to be filmed, Skyped or Facetimed.  We could also set up a chat group or video link-up to share memories, listen to music and so on.

There are options available, and we can discuss them together and plan around the current situation.  I’m here for you, to support you through this.  Please keep yourselves and others safe, and take every precaution at this time.


Thank you.  Rachel x


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