Blessingways, otherwise known as Mother Blessings or Belly Blessings, may seem like a new trend, but they have actually been around for centuries.  Unlike a Baby Shower, a Blessingway puts the focus on the Mother, and any gifts brought along are for her.  This Ceremony is about coming together in support and solidarity for her upcoming labour and birthing, and preparation for having a little one.  Blessingways can be as big or as small as you like, from full-on celebrations in hired venues to simple low-key affairs at home.  Whatever way you do it, your Blessingway will be meaningful and moving.

Bunting at a blessingway

If you would like religious or spiritual elements, of course they can be included.  Sometimes there will be more than one culture or heritage to be woven into the ceremony. Blessingways are about pampering and nurturing, so there will be an aspect of caring for the Mother.  Perhaps a flower crown can be created.  There will be Circle Time, when the women will offer their advice and share experiences.  Some Mothers like to have their bellies decorated with henna or paint, or blessed by each person present.  Others like to have a plaster cast made of their bump.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Part of the Ceremony is to have a focus, so a Birth Altar is recommended.  This contains positive visual symbols for the Mother, such as scan pictures, photos of family and ancestors, and personal objects.  It is lovely if those attending can participate in a shared show of support, and leave with a memento to keep them thinking about the Mother.  This can be by creating Birth Flags, Stone Painting, Beads for a bracelet or necklace.  Or simply tying some wool round their wrists, to be cut once they hear she is in labour, or each lighting a candle when they get the message.  Setting up a phone tree or messaging group is also helpful!

There are many other lovely touches that can be included to make the day special and memorable.  The most important thing is that you are happy and comfortable with it, and that it reflects your personality and relationships.  Blessingways can be included as part of a Baby Shower, or they can be separate.  There can be many guests, or close family only.  It’s your day, your way.  Give yourself the gift of support and community from your own circle.  Let those you love and trust be there for you at this very precious time in your life.


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