A Belly Blessing, sometimes known as a Blessingway or Mother Blessing, is a beautiful alternative, or addition to, a Baby Shower. If gifts are brought, they are for the Mother and not the Baby! This is about the Mother’s transition into parenthood and giving her a special day for herself, as baby will have their own special day soon enough!

Belly Blessings focus on the Mother at this magical yet vulnerable time, providing her with reassurance, support, and preparation in the lead-up to her labour, birth, and early days with a newborn.  Other guests will share advice and stories, as well as raising positive energy and giving their blessings.  Key members of the family and best friends will have their own parts to play.

We can weave in the different cultures, traditions, and heritages of the families, if desired.  As with all my ceremonies, there can be some religion or none; whatever you prefer.  You may want prayers, elemental blessings, or simply good wishes and positive vibes.  You may also wish to have someone decorate your belly with henna or body paints for a memorable photo, or even make a cast of your beautiful bump!  You could let your guests add their fingerprints to some artwork, as a keepsake of the day.  There are so many other elements and ideas to make your day unique, personal, and extra-special!

This Ceremony can be as flamboyant or as low-key as you wish.  It reflects your own personality and preferences.  A Belly Blessing is an empowering experience that will help the Mother to feel supported, confident, and prepared physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This Ceremony can also be adapted to parents who are adopting a child, as they ready themselves for their new arrival!

Belly Blessings start at £180

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