My name is Rachel Bass, I live in Woodford Green in Essex, and it is always such a privilege and an honour for me to be invited to lead Ceremonies. Religious, spiritual, or no religion at all; this is  always your choice and I am guided and led by you. To be trusted by families to create ceremonies for themselves or their loved-ones is a huge compliment, and I love my role.

I first decided to become a Celebrant having attended a Funeral that was disappointing for the family involved. They were sad that they had not had much input, and that the eulogy had not been shown to them for checking, beforehand, so there were some mistakes. They also felt that not enough time was given to speaking about their loved-one, and that the ceremony was not personal enough. I then attended a Celebrant-led Funeral, and was touched by how wonderfully it captured the individual and reflected their personality.

I knew that this was my calling.  I chose to train with Civil Ceremonies Ltd. which means I have the highest possible training and qualifications of Celebrancy in the UK.  I am also a member of the Institute of Civil Funerals, which means that my scripts are regularly assessed, clients are contacted for feedback, professionals are asked to observe my ceremonies, and I am required to pursue further training courses and research (continuous learning development).  I am also fully insured.

Skills I use are: My passion and love of writing. Researching and reading literature to find the perfect poem, reading or quote. My knowledge of the history of the local area. How to ask the right questions when learning what type of ceremony my clients dream of and envisage. But mostly, how to really listen. Now what I really want to know is all about you! What you hold in your heart for your loved-one, and how we can put this into a beautiful Ceremony.

Why choose me? I will meet with you at your home, or a venue of your choice, and together we will go through every aspect of planning and creating a meaningful ceremony. You will have unlimited consultations with me in the lead-up to the day, and I will show you the script beforehand so that you can check every word in advance. I will also gift you with a printed-out Keepsake Copy, afterwards, as a memento of the day. I have signed up to the Funeral Celebrancy Councii’s Accord, you can download full details of this here.

Working together to co-create a ceremony is such a privilege, and is also an intimate and personal, albeit temporary, relationship.  I am so lucky to get to witness people expressing their honest emotions at such meaningful and memorable times, and to support them through it from start to finish. It is so rewarding. Choosing a bespoke ceremony that is tailored for you, and hallmarked with your personality is a memory that you will treasure for always.


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