Funerals and Memorial Services

I am able to deliver a ceremony tailored to your beliefs, preferences & wishes. Something to reflect your loved-one’s uniqueness & personality, and hallmarked with their memory. A beautiful goodbye.

Belly Blessings

Blessingways, or Belly Blessings, are a beautiful alternative to Baby Showers. It is all about the Mother, offering her support, care and preperation from her loved-ones. Religion can be included.

Rites of Passage

Ceremonies about Coming of Age are important milestones for young people. A girl becoming a woman, a boy becoming a man. Croning Ceremonies, New Identity Celebrations, and so forth can also be created.

Renewal of Vows, Commitment, Handfasting

These ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular, as couples wish to formally acknowledge their union, celebrate their love, or refresh their bond. Can be woven into a Wedding Anniversary.

Baby Naming Days

A Baby Naming Day is the perfect way to formally welcome your little one/s into the family, and celebrate their presence. This can also be an Adoption celebration. I can include some religion, or none.

Death Cafe, Workshops and Ceremonies

Hosting a variety of other services and events throughout the year including Death Cafe, Moon Lodge, Red Tents, Workshops and ceremonies.

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